White World Tendency Events

White World Tendency decreases enemy's HP, Damage Resistance, Souls, and Item drops, but offers more healing items.

If you want to maintain attained Pure White World Tendency in a particular world, you must ensure that you do not die in Body Form in that world. The easiest way to ensure this is to commit suicide in the Nexus whenever you regain your Body.

Killing the named NPC's that appear in Pure White World Tendency will push the World Tendency back towards Neutral (-180).

Reference for World Tendency

The following reference is used for World Tendency throughout this wiki.

Assuming World Tendency is at the maximum possible Pure White World Tendency (+200). Every body form death in a world is a -60 decrease until the maximum possible Pure Black World Tendency is achieved (-200).

World Tendency Deaths
in Body Form
+200 Pure White 0
+140 White 1
+80 White 2
+20 White 3
0 Neutral
-40 Black 4
-100 Black 5
-160 Black 6
-200 Pure Black 7

Reference for World Tendency Thresholds

The following reference is used for World Tendency thresholds throughout this wiki.

World Tendency
+200 Pure White
>+180 Pure White
>+150 White
>+50 White
0 Neutral
<-50 Black
<-150 Black
<-180 Pure Black
-200 Pure Black

Boletarian Palace

1-1 Boletarian Palace

  • Above +180 -> The door on the left near the starting point will be unlocked.
    • Once unlocked, it will stay unlocked even if World Tendency changes later.
    • Pick up the set of Brushwood Armor at the bottom of the pit. This is the heaviest armor set, so bring your Ring of Herculean Strength along. Remember that heavy items will disappear forever if you examine them and then leave the level without picking them up.
    • In the same pit, on one of the beams, is a Colorless Demon's Soul, don't miss it! Look for a broken beam near the ladder, walk carefully into the gap. If you walk straight, you will land on the beam below. You can get further down by carefully dropping to a lower beam; you should line the jump up from the central beam. Walking straight and turning on the narrow beams can be made simpler by using a bow in sniper mode. See YouTube video
  • Above +180 -> The Red and Blue Dragon will disappear. This means you can grab the goodies in the field in front of their usual nesting place.

1-2 Phalanx Archstone

  • No White World events

1-3 Tower Knight Archstone

  • No White World events

1-4 Penetrator Archstone

  • No White World events

Stonefang Tunnel

2-1 Stonefang Tunnel

  • No White World events

2-2 Armor Spider Archstone

2-3 Flamelurker Archstone

  • Above +180 -> The debris on the left path will be cleared, beyond which you will find a unique Extra Large Sword, the Dragon Bone Smasher.

Note: If you kill the Dragon God with to get above +180 World Tendency, you will have to go back to the Nexus, and then return to claim the sword.

Tower of Latria

3-1 Tower of Latria

  • Above +180 -> 2F West, Lord Rydell can be rescued if you have the key from 3-2 (see below). The reward is a Dull Rat's Ring.
    • Unlocking his cell is not dependent on World Tendency, but getting the key from 3-2 is. If you unlock his empty cell during Pure Black World Tendency, and then progress to Pure White, he will stay inside until you talk to him.
    • Rescuing Rydell has no effect on his Black Phantom form.
    • Aside from a -180 Tendency shift, he will drop nothing if killed, unless he's killed before he gives the Dull Rat's Ring.

3-2 Fool's Idol Archstone

  • Above +180 -> On top of the first tower where the first chain is released, a bridge will appear that gives access to the very top, where the Prison of Hope, 2F W Cell Key, that unlocks Rydell's cell, can be picked up.
    • Once unlocked, this bridge will remain there even if World Tendency changes later.

3-3 Maneater Archstone

  • No White World events

Shrine of Storms

4-1 Shrine of Storms

4-2 Adjudicator Archstone

  • Above +180 -> In the room Patches kicks you down to, the previously unreachable corpse is now on the ground. Loot it to obtain the Magic Sword "Makoto".

4-3 Old Hero Archstone

  • No White World events

Valley of Defilement

5-1 Valley of Defilement

  • Above +180 -> Between the Rats, and the first Giant Depraved One, there will be a ladder leading upwards on the face of the wall to the left.
    • Once this ladder is unlocked, it will stay unlocked even if World Tendency changes later.
    • Based on reports, the ladder might not appear if world is Pure White, but is shifted down before loading 5-1 at least once.
    • Climb the ladder and watch out for a Giant Depraved One half way through.
    • Eventually the path leads to three Giant Depraved Ones guarding the Istarelle Spear.

5-2 Leechmonger Archstone

5-3 Dirty Colossus Archstone

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