White World Tendency Events

White World Tendency decreases enemy's HP, Damage Resistance, Souls, and Item drops, but offers more healing items.

To maintain Pure White World Tendency in a particular World, you must ensure that you do not die in Body Form in that world. The easiest way to ensure this is to commit suicide in the Nexus whenever you regain your Body. Killing the named NPC's that appear in Pure White World Tendency will push the World Tendency back towards Neutral.

Boletarian Palace

1-1 Boletarian Palace

  • People have claimed that the Red and Blue Dragon disappear; this isn't always true. If this occurs, you can grab the goodies in the field in front of their usual nesting place.
    • This also mean that there will be no Red Dragon breathing fire at you while you try to cross over to access the lever. (in NG+ and beyond)

1-2 Phalanx Archstone

  • No White World events

1-3 Tower Knight Archstone

  • No White World events

1-4 Penetrator Archstone

  • No White World events

Stonefang Tunnel

2-1 Stonefang Tunnel

  • No White World events

2-2 Armor Spider Archstone

2-3 Flamelurker Archstone

Tower of Latria

3-1 Tower of Latria

  • 2F West, Lord Rydell can be rescued if you have the key from 3-2 (see below). The reward is a Dull Rat's Ring.
    • Unlocking his cell is not dependent on World Tendency, but getting the key from 3-2 is. If you unlock his empty cell during Pure Black World Tendency, he will stay inside until you talk to him, after this the World Tendency shifts back towards White.
    • Rescuing Rydell has no effect on his Black Phantom form. Remember that Latria's Archstone will be darker due to its position at the back of the screen, so suicide in Body Form one more time to ensure Pure Black when going for his BP form.
    • Drops nothing if killed, unless he's killed before he gives the Dull Rat's Ring.

3-2 Fool's Idol Archstone

3-3 Maneater Archstone

  • No White World events

Shrine of Storms

4-1 Shrine of Storms

4-2 Adjudicator Archstone

4-3 Old Hero Archstone

  • No White World events

Valley of Defilement

5-1 Valley of Defilement

  • Between the Rats, and the first Giant Depraved One, there will be a ladder leading upwards on the face of the wall to the left. Pure White World Tendency required.
    • Once this ladder is unlocked, it will stay unlocked even if World Tendency changes later. The ladder might NOT appear if world is pure white then you shift it towards black before visiting 5-1. (I had pure white and killed BP Garl and then Selen and when I visited this area afterwards, no ladder, but I did go through the nexus in between each killing and again before coming for the spear)
    • Climb the ladder and watch out for a Giant Depraved One half way through.
    • Eventually the path leads to three Giant Depraved Ones guarding the Istarelle Spear.

5-2 Leechmonger Archstone

5-3 Dirty Colossus Archstone

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