Yuria, the Witch
yuria the witch

Yuria practices a dark form of Soul Arts, to the great disapproval of Saint Urbain and his followers. She was imprisoned by Executioner Miralda under the watchful eye of one of King Allant's Fat Officials, but if rescued by the player, becomes one of the two advanced Magic teachers, along with Sage Freke.

Dialogue from her and Biorr suggest that she has been subject to torture from the Fat Ministers. Inside the tower she is held captive there are two corpses holding the Ring of Magical Nature and the Ring of the Accursed. The item description of both these rings implies those corpses having been witches. Just like Stockpile Thomas' wife and daughter they have fallen victim to the Fat Ministers. (In 1-1 you find two hung corpses, one holding the Jade Hair Ornament and the other the old ragged robes set. Due to Thomas' dialogue when you give him the ornament it becomes clear that these corpses very likely were his wife and daughter. Again the other corpse holding the same armor set as Yuria suggests that his wife was a witch and that was probably the main reason for their execution.

Despite her use of dark Magic, Yuria is a kind, if timid woman, though she has demonstrated a remarkable temper, the quickest to become hostile out of all the NPCs. After the Slayer of Demons rescue Yuria she becomes infatuated with the protagonist, regardless of gender, going as far telling that she owes her life to the hero. Sage Freke once stated that Yuria's Magic is weaker than his because it stems from emotion, but no evidence exists that this is the case.

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How to rescue Yuria

Video Tutorial: Rescue Tutorial

  • This side quest will require the player to have access to the third area of Boletarian Palace (1-3)
  • Obtain Iron ring of keys and Official's Cap by killing the two Fat Officials in 1-3.
  • Backtrack to the end area of 1-2 just before the Tower Knight boss fog. In the room with stairs going up into the tower, there is a door which can be unlocked using the Iron ring of keys.
  • This leads down to a dungeon below. Defeat the Fat Official down there to obtain the Bloody Key and open the cells to rescue Biorr.
  • Go back to the beginning of 1-3, the Bloody Key will unlock the gate in the right alleyway behind the dog carts and fountain.
  • Follow the alleys, and eventually the player will arrive at a tower, where on the top floor there is a raised staircase and a watching Fat Official above.
  • Equip the Official's Cap as a disguise and the staircase will be lowered.
  • Defeat the Fat Official (he will not be hostile until you attack him or remove the hat).
  • Unequip the Official's Cap and speak to Yuria to finish the rescue.
  • Note: You keep the Official's Cap in New Game+ but you have to find the Iron ring of keys and Bloody Key again.
  • Note: Rescuing Biorr is not a necessary trigger for Bloody Key to work. Yuria can be rescued without ever opening Biorrs cell.

Spells Taught

Strategies for Fighting


- Flame Toss
- Firestorm

Yuria turns hostile more quickly than other NPCs. When antagonized, she will always cast Firestorm first. From then on, she will attack with Flame Toss if the player is at a distance or Firestorm if the player is at mid-close range. Yuria will rarely pursue you away from her corner unless you step out of her sight range, yet remain nearby; she instead tries to bait you into approaching her so she can attack with Firestorm.

Much like Freke, Yuria never runs out of MP. When turned hostile, she will cast Firestorm up to three times and use Flame Toss constantly for a while, then eventually stop casting. She will begin casting again after a short break, but at a much lower rate.


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