Yurt, the Silent Chief


Yurt, the Silent Chief, is a deadly assassin at the service of a secret masked society that seeks to harness the power of souls.

He entered Boletaria with the simple task of killing anyone knowledgeable in Soul Arts, but ended up imprisoned in Latria.

Should the Demon of Slayer put an end to Yurt's trail of corpses, they might have a chance encounter with his accomplice, the enigmatic Mephistopheles.


Tendency Events



HP Souls Drop
742 780 Gloom Helmet
Gloom Armor
Gloom Gauntlets
Gloom Leggings
Vitality Intelligence Endurance Strength Dexterity Magic Faith Luck
18 12 31 30 36 17 6 7


Right Hand Left Hand Ring
Mercury Shotel +5 Parrying Dagger +5 Ring of the Accursed
Helmet Armor Gauntlets Leggings
Gloom Helmet Gloom Armor Gloom Gauntlets Gloom Leggings


Melee Strategy

An easy melee exploiting the fact Yurt isn't initially hostile upon freeing him. He'll allow you to back stab him with impunity up to 3 times before turning hostile, so you can use this either to use the backstab knock away animation to push him off the tower or to kill him outright if your damage output is high enough.
Note. If Yurt falls from backstabbing, you can quit and reload your game to find his Gloom Armor set next to his cage.

Ranged Strategy

This is a bit tricky as it requires you to backtrack up to the tower above him. Once you get back up however Yurt does not have enough range to shoot back, and if you're a good enough shot you can take him down in a hundred arrows or a few dozen spells.
Alternatively, let him out of his cage and then cast Evacuate. On return to the Nexus, he will not be there. Return to his area and he will still be walking around. Without dropping down to his level, shoot him with a Bow. He will charge at you, and fall off the edge.

Magic Strategy

The Poison Cloud spell can kill most NPCs in one hit if you wait out the duration and Yurt is no exception. After releasing Yurt one needs only to cast the spell and step into the the cage he once occupied to find a safe place to wait for the spell's effect to kill him. A short jaunt back up the elevator after Yurt has died will allow you to pick up your Gloom Armor. Also, you can cast Firestorm and kill him outright (tested with 24 Magic, Ring of Magical Sharpness, Monk's Head Collar and Kris Blade). Soulsucker will also kill Yurt in one hit.

Hyper Range

  1. Equip the Morion Blade and the Clever Rat's Ring
  2. Get your health below 30% by using the Magic Sword "Makoto", the Cursed Weapon spell, or by falling
  3. Equip the Lava Bow and go find Yurt. Stand directly in front of him and as far away from him as possible (against the wall).
  4. Go into sniper mode and just shoot him. He's got heavy armor so he won't run.


  • If Yurt falls to his death, reloading the game will make his Gloom Armor Set appear next to his cage.
  • The death of Saint Urbain will make it impossible to learn or memorize different Miracles for the rest of the playthrough.
  • The death of Yuria, Sage Freke and his Apprentice will make it impossible to learn or memorize different Magic Spells for the rest of the playthrough.


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